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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the fees calculated?

Individual Tax Services: We do not believe in nickel and diming our customers, so we have set up our fee structure to reflect that belief. At Mauldin CPA’s, we bill by the number of hours spent working on tax returns rather than by the individual tax form. We feel that billing by the amount of time spent on returns, as a whole, provides a fairer fee structure. The detail required for one particular form varies based on the individual activity of the client and how well organized the information is provided. For example, the time involved for a taxpayer with one hundred reportable stock/mutual fund trades differs greatly from that of one reportable trade during the year; the two should not be billed the same amount for the same tax form. Similarly, the individual that brings documents randomly thrown in a box may be charged differently than that of an individual who took the time to create a filing system and spreadsheet(s) for the reportable information.

Our hourly rate will range, based on which staff member assists with preparing the tax returns. Individual Tax Return fees will also vary depending on the complexity and the staffing required to complete the returns. There are discounts offered to children and students of those clients whose tax returns are also prepared by Mauldin CPA’s.

Business Tax Services: The Business Tax Returns fee structure is very similar to the individual tax returns fee structure. Business Tax return fees will vary depending on the complexity and the staffing required to complete the returns.

Accounting Services: The fees for Accounting Services vary with the detail of services desired. We will work with each client to provide the perfect accounting package at a price that is agreed to by both parties. There are both: i) monthly engagements that have a set monthly fee; or ii) engagements billed at an hourly rate based upon the accounting services required.

Business Consulting: Business Consulting meetings are billed based on the amount of time spent and the professional providing the service.

How long does it normally take to complete tax returns?

Presuming that all documents are readily available, the returns will take between one to two weeks to complete. In special circumstances returns can be completed on the same day as dropped off but there will be a rush fee.

What is the Tax Return Process?

The tax return process at Mauldin CPA’s begins in the first two weeks of January. Mauldin CPA's mails out an instruction letter and an organizer which includes information from the prior tax returns filed. Please use the organizer to update any personal information, that may have changed, as well as a list of questions that will help to inquire about income, deductions, or credits that may be required in preparing the tax returns. The information listed from prior tax returns is listed as a reminder of documents that the taxpayer should be receiving in the mail.

Once the taxpayer feels that all the information is gathered, please contact the office to arrange for delivery. Although Mauldin CPA's does prefer to meet with each taxpayer to review the information, Mauldin CPA's also understands that life is busy and so not everyone has the time to personally meet with a CPA to discuss preparing the tax returns. Please take advantage of several delivery methods such as an office appointment, hand delivery, mail, email, and/or facsimile. In any of the above cases, please take the time to complete the questionnaire section of the organizer and send it with the tax documents. If planning on mailing the documents, please make a copy of the originals prior to mailing in the event that the parcel is lost in transit.

When the documents arrive at the office, they are reviewed by a staff member to ensure that all documents are available to prepare the tax returns. If any item(s) are missing, the client will be contacted by either a phone call or email with a list of the missing items. If a small number of items are outstanding, preparing the tax returns may begin; however, if most of the documents are missing, preparing the tax returns may not begin until the missing information is available. When all the information is available, a CPA will prepare the tax returns.

At Mauldin CPA’s we strongly believe in working as a team to reduce error and offer the best services to our clients. As such, all tax returns are reviewed by a senior CPA to verify completeness and accuracy. Once the review is completed, the client will be contacted with the final results and verify the method of delivery. If the client wishes to personally review the tax returns with a particular CPA, an appointment will be scheduled to review the returns. Otherwise, the client is welcome to stop by any time the office is open and one of the staff members will be more than happy to discuss the results in detail. If the client prefers, the tax returns can be delivered by email with an attached password protected copy with instructions that need to be completed for filing of the returns.

What happens if I get audited?

Getting audited is a fact of life. It does not necessarily mean something was done incorrectly. In fact, on average every individual will be audited three times during his/her lifetime. An audit can be triggered by many different events, such as missing information or random selection. When the taxpayer receives an audit notice, the first step is to send a copy of all pages to Mauldin CPA's. A review of the notice from the taxing authority will determine if a mistake or omission was actually made. Mauldin CPA's will then assist with communicating with the taxing authority to clarify any information and/or resolve any issues. The most important step in dealing with an audit is to remember that, as a client of Mauldin CPA's, you have someone with training and experience willing to represent you and deal with the taxing authorities.

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